13,000+ hotels across the US are about to get EV charging stations

LNG Electric may become one of the top three owner-operators of EV charging stations in the US by 2028, as it’s deploying a huge number of EV charging stations at hotels.

That’s because the EV charging provider is partnering with digital infrastructure consultancy MD7 to install Level 2 and DC fast charging EV charging stations at more than 13,000 hotels and more than 40 multifamily communities across the US.

Michael Fraunces, president of MD7, said, “We support [LNG Electric’s] mission to provide affordable EV grid access to more people than ever before, and we can’t wait for what’s next.”

Boston-based minority-owned startup LNG Electric will roll out its 13,000 chargers over the next five to six years, and it’s beginning this month with Level 2 charger installations, with Level 3 chargers to follow. Its plan is to create a charging network that covers 10-15% of the US hospitality market.

The company’s first EV chargers will be deployed at Marriott and Hilton hotels in Ohio, Florida, and Illinois.

LNG Electric is an official distributor of Enel X Way EV home and commercial charging stations.

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Photo: LNG Electric

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