EcoFlow just launched plug-and-play solar + storage for apartments

If you live in an apartment with a balcony and want a plug-and-play solar and battery storage system, EcoFlow may have just the solution.

EcoFlow has launched the PowerStream Balcony Solar System, which it claims is “the first balcony solar system with a portable power station” that can reduce apartment dwellers’ power bills and provide battery storage backup. (I’d like to point out, though, that Zendure made the same claim at the end of March.)

It’s comprised of solar panels, a power station, cables, an inverter, and smart plugs. But the PowerStream is compatible with all EcoFlow portable power stations, so if you already own one, then you’ll save money. Users monitor and optimize the system with the EcoFlow app.

It plugs directly into electrical outlets, and no installation is necessary. Plus, it comes with flat cables, so you don’t have to drill holes to run wires between the indoors and the outdoors.

Putting the SmartPlugs on appliances up to 3250 W (13 amps) means you can use the app to direct power in the battery to specific devices rather than the whole home. So if there’s a blackout, then you don’t need to drag the heavy battery across the room and pull out your fridge. (I’ve done this. It’s kind of labor intensive.) Just tell the app to keep the fridge or AC running.

The system has a maximum solar power of 800 W and can generate up to 1,039 kWh of electricity annually, based on internal testing in Germany.

The No Storage Kit includes one microinverter, four 100 W flexible solar panels, one BKW-DELTA EB Cable, two Super Flat Cables, and two Smart Plugs and costs €893.35 in Germany, €1,082 in France, Italy, and Spain, and £950 in the UK.

The 1kWh Storage Kit is for both apartment and house use and includes the No Storage Kit and a DELTA 2 battery. It’s priced at €2,092 in Germany, €2,281 in France, Italy, and Spain, and £2,049 in the UK.

EcoFlow has not yet confirmed US availability, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted when it does because I’d like to review it.

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Photo: EcoFlow

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