This artsy 1,000 W rollout solar awning can power your RV

Illinois-based startup Eco-dynamic Tech has debuted a lightweight rollout solar awning for RVs that can generate up to 8,000 Wh per day.

The rollout solar awning is called ARTPIECE – because it features patterns in colorways such as Peacock Blue, Narcissus Purple, and Apple Green – and it has integrated LED lights.

ARTPIECE provides both clean energy and shade as a canopy:

The awning features flexible and highly efficient heterojunction (HJT) cells that combine crystalline silicon and thin-film silicon. The awning is bifacial – that is, both sides of the panel absorb light and produce electricity. (The bottom side absorbs reflected light.)

The HJT solar array offers 1040 W peak power, a 108.3 V optimum operating voltage, and a 9.6 A operating current.

ARTPIECE sits on aluminum brackets and can be rolled up in seconds using an electric motor, and it can be manually rolled up or wirelessly controlled from up to 115 feet (35 meters) away. The company says the awning is water-, UV-, and chemical resistant.

Eco-Dynamic Tech recommends pairing the awning with battery storage in the RV, and with just under eight hours of sunlight, ARTPIECE can power a 100 W refrigerator for 53 hours, a 300 W air conditioner for 26.6 hours, a laptop for 36.3 hours, and a 2800 W oven for 2.85 hours.

After you measure the side of your RV where the awning will be fitted and send the dimensions to the company, it’s going to ship the solar awning (that’s free) to a local installation site near your delivery address – those sites are TBD – so that a professional can attach it to your RV.

It’s currently only being pre-sold in the continental US, and product shipments are expected to start in December 2023. ARTPIECE’s pre-sale price is currently 25% off, at $2,999.

Electrek’s Take

I don’t own an RV, and nor am I personally gaining anything by spotlighting this solar awning. I just love new, innovative clean energy products, especially if they serve more than one purpose like this one does.

While ARTPIECE has not yet hit the market, it could be a great asset for those who own an EV if it works as well as it sounds. How nice to not have to worry about plugging in if you want to cook dinner and turn on your lights. And why not have a bit of colorful fun while you’re at it?

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