This startup’s solar + storage kit comes in an ‘oil’ barrel

Italian startup Barrel is packing solar modules, inverters, and battery storage into “oil” barrels – here’s why and how they work.

Milan-based Barrel has designed its solar and storage kit for conflict zones and remote areas, and it’s packed into an “oil” barrel for resilience and portability.

The standard package includes solar modules with a 6 kW total output (although it can be used with any solar panels), a 5.6 kW single-phase hybrid inverter, and a 3.55 kWh lithium-ion battery. The solar panels are unfolded and connected, the output cable’s industrial plug can be connected to the power grid, and it also has an industrial input connector.

Barrel’s kit generates enough electricity to power even large apartments. You can check out the full specifications here.

Barrel’s barrels cost around $3,300 each and tend to be purchased and used by private nonprofit and government organizations.

The company, which sources its components from Switzerland and assembles the solar kit in Venice, has a presence in markets in Africa and the Middle East, and it’s also sent barrels to earthquake-hit Turkey and Ukraine.

Barrel founder Matteo Villa told pv magazine Italia:

Our priority is always to offer immediate and reliable energy solutions in emergency situations, helping communities to recover and rebuild.

We continue to work with international and local organizations to extend our support into other areas in need of energy assistance.

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Photos: Barrel

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